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For a better mining tool solution--ITS top quality deep groove ball bearing


Bearings are critical components in machine tools such as CNC machines. Bearings used in machine tools are typically required of long life, extreme stiffness & precision, and the ability to tolerate heavy load. ITS is a reliable supplier of the complete set of machine tool bearings, including deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and needle bearings.

ITS machine tool application

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

ITS machine tool deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearings can support light-to-moderate axial load in both directions as well as radial force. ITS deep groove ball bearings are characteristic of their steady load capabilities, smooth and quiet rotation, high rigidity, low friction and standard accuracy.

ITS needle bearings

Needle Bearings

Needle bearings are compact, economical and provide a high load carrying capacity and a constant level of quality. ITS offers different types including drawn cup roller clutch bearings, axial needle roller bearings, drawn cup needle roller bearings, and drawn cup full complement bearings.

ITS linear bearings

Linear Bearings

ITS linear bearings are manufactured with extremely high accuracy, low noise, steady performance, long service time and smooth running, they are widely used in precision mechanism, medical apparatus, instruments, chemical industry, printing etc.


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The ITS team has been engaged in Manufacturing bearings and international trade for more than 20 years. We always focus on the top quality bearing markets all over the world. The guaranteed production and highly active management has brought us competitive advantage in price and service.

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