2022 September the Fifth Week ITS Technical Knowledge: Human- based design in bearing equipment

Abstract: By tentatively anylyzing human-based design for machine tool, it was explained from different angles that putting the hum an fundamental was important to design machine too land improve product quality.

Key words: human-based design;special equipment for bearing;colour;shape


1. Preface

In today's modern industrial society, users pay more attention to "convenience", "comfort", "reliability", "value", "safety" and "efficiency", which is the humanized design problem often mentioned in the design of special equipment. As far as the special equipment for bearing processing is concerned, there are many problems in the modeling, such as monotonous color, improper collocation, huge size, stiff lines, difficult operation, and the display device is not humanized enough. Humanized design integrates the artistry and safety of product design, which is to pay attention to the expansion and deepening of the internal environment of the product in the design. Humanized design truly reflects respect and concern for people. Its core is to take "people" as the center, and "human factors" must be considered as a primary condition in design and manufacturing.


2. The combination of "man machine environment" and humanized design

In today's era of rapid high-tech changes, many special equipment for bearing processing are designed to pay too much attention to the application of high technology, the requirements of reasonable structure and multi-function, without taking people as the design goal, without standardized consideration of human factors, and ignoring the increasingly high spiritual needs and stronger personality of people on the machine bed. Industrial designers must put the concept of "people-oriented" throughout the whole design process. They should express high-tech machine tools in a simple and humane form, eye-catching and solemn colors. They should discard cumbersome appearance modeling and decoration, emphasize the high combination and unity of "practical" and "beautiful", "technology" and "art", and pay more attention to the perfect combination of "things" and "people", Make the operation more reasonable, inject deep feelings into the product, do not forget to give more concern to the operator, more popular and convenient operation methods, more comfortable and safe use environment, improve the coordination of the "man machine environment" system, and make the product humanized. Machine tool is a high-tech mechanical product. People usually think that it is very difficult to master its operation, which requires a high level of technology, thus affecting its use. In terms of design, following humanization can shorten the distance between people and machines, meet the needs of operators to the maximum extent, make people operate conveniently, react accurately, reduce errors, improve work efficiency, and create the most comfortable, convenient and safe working environment for operators. For example, interface creation should aim at more scientific, more reasonable, more efficient and more humanized information exchange between people and things, so as to make the information transmission between people and things more reliable and reduce the physiological and psychological burden of people. The display screen or digital display meter shall be placed within the normal visual range; The main control levers and keys shall be placed in the effective visual field and the best visual area; The location and height of the button station shall consider the best line of sight height and the most effective operating range.


3. Combination of overall image and humanization of the machine tool

3.1 clolor

The color should show strong humanized artistic charm in the machine tool design, and the color plays an important role in the modeling effect. The unity of the overall color will give people a comfortable, elegant and cordial feeling. Color design should first adapt to people's various activities and aesthetic requirements, improve work efficiency and ensure safe production. In view of the current situation that the existing special equipment for bearing processing is monotonous, lack of vitality, improper collocation and unsightly, the color must give the operators a safe, stable and comfortable feeling in view of their long working hours. The main body of the machine tool shall be of low purity colors, such as light yellow, light blue, silver gray, etc., which can give people a sense of reliability and closeness, and also help to relax the eyes and relax the nerves. In the design of the machine tool, the upper part should be applied with light sensitive color with high lightness, and the lower part should be applied with heavy sensitive color with low lightness. This kind of treatment can enhance the stability of the machine tool. High brightness bright colors, effective texture and surface texture are used at details to add vitality, and safety color signs are used at dangerous places to show warning, etc. Finally, neutral colors are used to connect and transition, so as to achieve a harmonious and unified color effect. Always keep the main color and color scheme in the same style in all similar products. Realize the family and serialization of color matching scheme on special equipment for bearing processing.


3.2 Form

The product form is composed of shapes, surfaces and lines with different characteristics, which can be reflected as a whole to form the form style or form characteristics of the product. Most of the existing special equipment for bearing processing are large in size, stiff in line, unbalanced in design, too simple in overall shape, messy in details, unnatural in transition, lacking in line and surface changes, lifeless, and not inspiring. The low external shape leads to the overall quality of the machine tool being greatly reduced and losing international competitiveness. According to the existing shortcomings, the design should always implement the cultural concept of the bearing industry, give full consideration to the aesthetic principles of machine tool product modeling design, handle unity and change, symmetry and balance, proportion and scale, stability and lightness, rhythm and rhythm, contrast and harmony, and combine the morphological features of visual comfort and style unity through careful consideration of the elements of shape, surface and line in the design, and on this basis Texture, unity and integrity create the most harmonious relationship, reflect the characteristics of the times, and create a strong product image for the bearing industry.


4. Conclusion

With the development of science, technology and society, and the improvement of human material life, culture and art, people have higher and higher requirements for machine tool design. People in modern society, due to the improvement of cultural and artistic literacy, should pursue the harmonious relationship between people and the environment and the spiritual function of industrial products. At the same time, the world today is a diversified world. Everything does not exist in isolation, but in an organic whole. Therefore, we should design products and things from a systematic perspective. Therefore, the overall image, use and operation, color texture, product logo, and material technology of machine tool products and even any products are increasingly taking into account human factors and pursuing rational use functions, Give full consideration to human needs, flexibly apply norms and standards, form human-computer communication, and effectively improve product quality. Enjoying the user's mood is the significance of design, and also an important guarantee to ensure that the enterprise will continue to improve with the development of the times and remain invincible.


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The ITS team has been engaged in Manufacturing bearings and international trade for more than 20 years. We always focus on the top quality bearing markets all over the world. The guaranteed production and highly active management has brought us competitive advantage in price and service.

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